Hi everyone!
I'm Spoffy, the lead developer on Mike Force, as well as IT guy and general programming help!

It's so damn exciting to see the CDLC finally release, and to have so many awesome people so passionate and excited to play! Thank you for taking the time to get involved, play the CDLC and visit the community portal.

For me (and for Mike Force) - this is only really the beginning of the journey! It's been a fantastic start, with so much positive feedback, but there's so many awesome updates and features we have planned - it's hard to even know where to begin. Now that we've released, I'm really looking forward to working with the community to understand how we can improve things together, and the ways in which you all think both Mike Force (and the CDLC) should progress as we move away from release and look forwards the future.

Looking forward to the many awesome conversations with you all lying in wait.
Now go play!
Spoffy ­čľľ