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    A must, must read! Just finished it and it's gone to the top of my list.
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    Here is my bookshelf, or at least the organized part of it, when (if) I get around to organizing the rest of my books I will list those as well. Name:  20210831_192117.jpg
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    From left to right the ones relating to Vietnam are:
    The Eyes Of The Eagle F Company LRPs in Vietnam, 1968 - Gary A. Linderer
    Eyes Behind The Lines L Company Rangers in Vietnam, 1969 - Gary A. Linderer
    Six Silent Men 101st LRP/Rangers Book Two - Kenn Miller
    Six Silent Men 101st LRP/Rangers Book Three - Gary A. Linderer
    Death In The A Shau Valley L Company LRRPs in Vietnam, 1969-70 - Larry Chambers
    LRRP Team Leader - John Burford
    Diary Of An Airborne Ranger A LRRP's Year in the Combat Zone - Frank Johnson
    Ripcord Screaming Eagles Under Siege Vietnam 1970 - Keith W. Nolan
    Wings Of The Eagle A Kingsmen's Story - W.T. Grant
    ​​​​​​​Lest We Forget The Kingsmen, 101st Aviation Battalion, 1968 - William C. Meacham
    Snake Pilot - Randy R. Zahn

    The rest of the books are aviation (mostly about Tomcats including a NATOPS pocket checklist) related, oh and I have my map of the A Shau tucked in at the end as well.

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    I just finished reading Death in the A Shau Valley: L Company LRRP's in Vietnam 1969-70 by Larry Chambers.

    I got through this book fairly quick. Really good read from start to finish with a bit of a sobering end. I got my copy from a local used book store. Men from his unit actually wrote a series of 3 books called Six Silent Men. I have the first one by Reynel Martinez, but I'm actually going to read a book titled First Force Recon Company Sunrise at Midnight by Dr. Bill Peters:

    Again, I bought this at the used book store. I'll let you know how it is when I'm finished.

    ​​​​​​​They wrote quite a bit more than those three books, all the books I listed except Ripcord and Snake Pilot are from people in that unit who served in the unit with one another albeit some for a short time. The two Kingsmen books are from huey pilots who routinely volunteered to fly LRRP and SOG missions, trained with (in case of a crash) and were considered honorary LRRPs by the unit. It is very fascinating to see some of the events told in these books from three or four different viewpoints.
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    Most of my books are in storage at the moment due to a shortage of space, I have a couple recommendations for anyone with an interest in the ARVN:

    1) "Remembering the ARVN: A Collection of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Patches, Badges, Insignia, Medals and Decorations" by Michael Do

    2) "Under Fire with ARVN Infantry: Memoir of a Combat Advisor in Vietnam 1966-1967" by Bob Worthington
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    ​​​​​​​Do you guys know if there are any good books about MIKE Force personnel? I haven’t seen any that deal particularly with them.