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    April news is here! As the developers continue to work hard on the DLC we would like to share with you what the Prairie Fire community has been doing. Mods have been updated, new missions have been created and some amazing YouTube videos have been published.

    1. Development News

    In order to support the talented community members creating mods and missions for the DLC,our team members have given the wiki a complete refresh. The wiki contains all the classnames of assets in the DLC and helps users find an asset name to use in scripts or in designing a mission.

    As well as updating the format and adding missing classes, our team would like to add more depth in future to areas like functions and terrains.

    You can find the wiki linked from the main menu with the DLC loaded, linked on the DLC website home page, or follow this direct link - - let us know what you think!

    2. MACV SOG Veteran news

    • SOG CAST 20 with John “Tilt” Stryker Meyer

    Prairie Fire DLC military adviser John “Tilt” Stryker Meyer as published more SOG CASTS this month, bringing his total now to 21 - each featuring a different SOG warrior recalling his missions in Vietnam.

    His April addition features SOG legend Rob Graham (no relation to the DLC team member by the same name) who famously carried a bow and arrows on his missions. You can tune into these on various media:



    Google podcasts:

    • Veteran welfare with Dick “Dynamite” Thompson

    As part of our veteran wellbeing program, SOG warrior Dick “Dynamite” Thompson joined us again to record a discussion about anxiety in combat, which Dick also hopes may resonate with gamers and help you recognise and cope with anxieties in your own lives. You can watch it here:

    Veterans can access the ARSENAL survey, designed by Dick following his extensive career including as an Army Ranger instructor, to improve stress resilience for free at Savage Game Design’s partner charity MVG here. It takes 10 minutes to complete and may really change your life!

    3. Highlighted Community Videos

    There has been a fantastic number of streams and movies coming out this month, here’s our favourites.

    If you don’t follow SheriffEli on Twitch, the following clip featuring the mighty AH-1G Cobra gunship will definitely make you change that:

    Clearing VC tunnels can be terrifying and TheDevilDogGamer accepted the challenge with a Milsim approach:

    Sherman is back in Prairie Fire, and has been playing the campaign - here his team tackles the Bright Light mission:

    It doesn’t get more Milsim than this, extremely dark nights, hand signals and minimal communication. The following video is a very immersive experience using your ears and not your eyes to survive being hunted in the jungle:

    Special team congratulations to OperatorDrewski for reaching 1,000,000 views with his recording of our dev team op, featuring SOG veterans El Cid and Ghostrider Don running the Ma Bell wiretap campaign mission on Green Hell difficulty.

    The RT Columbia dev team plays campaign ops with SOG veterans every Sunday and this month Liru recorded our attempt to run a heavy team through the final Oscar Eight mission on Green Hell difficulty. The plan was sound, but like in any battle, once the firing starts… it all goes to hell!

    A little while back we spoke to Photography Gamer about his plans to make a mini-doc about Vietnam war games, which features Prairie Fire alongside some well-known titles, and some you may not have discovered. Here’s his movie:

    4.Community Screenshots and Artwork

    Our favorite community screenshots this month feature Urban combat, some Huey fun and an awesome SOG Extraction via ladder.

    Reggs Via discord

    Miramar via discord

    thebuckfastwine via Twitter
    (Note: The ladder is not part of the DLC)

    5. Highlighted Mods

    We are really pleased to see Prairie Fire DLC gear being used in other factions outside Vietnam, and these featured community mods add a number of cold-war era factions to Arma 3.

    • Project Anselm (Beta):

    4 factions, 2 of which are set during the Falklands War and the other 2 during the Armaverse 2035 timeline. More details on Steam:

    • Deck Crew Script for S.O.G. by TRenG[RF]:

    The following deck crew script makes immersive use of the USS Freedom aircraft carrier with S.O.G. Prairie Fire assets. More details on Steam:

    • Floaters SQN by Brian Hates Games:

    Looking for awesome new textures for your Hueys? Look no further, this handy little mod adds several new skins including US Marines and early 1st Cav, definitely worth subscribing:

    • Conflict On the Savanna by AugCph

    Conflict On the Savanna, takes place between 1968 to 1979 and is a fictional conflict between fictional nations in South Eastern Africa. The mod revolves around the nations of Riccoah, Kasanwa, Tetezu and armed groups such as the Machzeke Unionist National Army and La Légion des Panthères.

    The mod introduces 5 brand new and original factions, RDSF, UMOK, MUNA, TDAF & LDP which all have custom gear and uniforms, along with multiple custom vehicle textures, insignias and even custom made models & so much more. The mod works great on maps like Kujari. Conflict On The Savanna is dependent on Global Mobilization DLC, but, loading S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC adds an extra faction.

    You can find these along with 37 other awesome SOGPF DLC compatible mods in our official collection here:

    6. Highlighted missions

    • Recondo SP Campaign

    "Recondo" is a group of Single-player/Co-op missions following the story of a LRRP team (Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol) with the 101st Airborne during Vietnam.

    Community member Skullblits has been pumping out small fun Single Player missions this month - bringing his total to more than 10. You can find them here:

    7. Looking ahead

    We have plans for May including ongoing updates to our Mike Force community game mode, further wiki updates, more livestreams of MACV SOG veterans playing the campaign missions, and some fantastic new veteran interview podcasts. We’re grateful for all the kind words you continue to send our way, as we head into our second year since release! More game content is coming too, we just can’t say what or when. See you next time!
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