Ideas for mods and/or SOGPF CDLC

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    I have a channel in my discord that I regularly update and I figured it would be good to share with the recon community as I know there are some talented people who might be inspired to make some of these. Have a good one!

    Clothing items

    1. LBE with canteens full of AK Mags instead of Car-15
    2. A claymore bag with the claymore prestaged with holes cut out for the blasting caps and having the legs sticking out of the bag
    3. Black Leather Work Gloves
    4. More colorful cravats (solid red, Khmer Krom, etc.)
    5. Pancho Villa style boonie
    6. Umbrella Boonie
    7. Sterilized Fatigues with boot bands or hundred mile an hour tape where the pant blouses into the jungle boot
    8. Sapper headband “We came here to die” (FOB 4 Sapper Attack)
    9. Claymore bag necklace (Wild Carrot and Martin St. John)
    10. Working Waltham Clock Company Wrist Compass or SOG wrist compass displayed inside side of player’s left wrist when weapon is raised, with nomex glove cuffed, worn outside with watchface cover undone, or pulled up slightly.
    11. Boonie hat with VS-17 panel sewn into the inside top cover. Ace option to swap between wearing it inside or out. Placeable with ace. (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)

    1. Gyrojet pistol (SOG)
    2. .444 marlin lever action full sized and mare’s leg variants (Mad Dog Shriver)
    3. 500 round M60 “magazine” for ammo backpack (Death Machine)
    4. Castro’s custom car-15 w/m16 heat shield upper
    5. Pulley’s team loudener car-15
    6. NVA Sling capable of launching 3 chicom grenades at hand throwing distance (Across the Fence)
    7. SDU-5/E Distress Marker Strobe Light placeable and M79 firemode variant. (Across the Fence)
    8. Multiple LAW rockets carryable by one man. (Backpack model of three LAW rockets Slung on back) (Men with Green Faces)
    9. Dual 30 round car-15 magazines taped together (credit: Sandy from XDF)
    10. Modified AK magazines for the car-15 (credit: Sandy from XDF)
    11. Experimental extended car-15 magazines (credit:Sandy from XDF)
    12. 25 meter, “aimed quick kill” sight picture for iron sighted car-15/m-16
    13. A Car-15 moderator covered with green tape that’s been shot through
    14. VS-17 signaling panel held arms outstretched with two hands on either side. One firemode shows the orange side, another firemode shows the pink side.
    15. Sawn off Stevens Model 77E (Wild Carrot)
    16. 7.62x51mm Duplex rounds (Bob Howard)
    17. Montagnard Crossbow (Rob Graham inspired since you can’t use a bow and arrow in game)
    18. CAR-15 with red cloth wrapped around front sight base (the dying place)
    19. Man portable laser designator similar in size to an M-60 for use in launcher slot [unknown variant] (secret commandos)
    20. Type-56 with XM148 “Jerry rigged” underneath (Mad Dog Shriver)


    1. Cadaver Wall/Garrison (from Oscar Eight)
    2. Placeable Rocks and Sticks for Signalling aircraft and VC Boobytrap signs (SOG and Blackjack-31)
    3. working gasmasks (RT Texas Prisoner Snatch)
    4. CS canisters for aircraft (Operation Tailwind)
    5. Resupply Canister w/ Parachute for A1 Skyraider (Blackjack series)
    6. Indig Ration Packs for ACE (CISO Issue)
    7. Pen Flares (RT Alabama)
    8. Nightingale device (SOG)
    9. Plasticman’s homemade throwable time delay grenade dispensers (Ashtray II)
    10. Claymore mine w/ WP grenade hundred mile an hour taped to it (Across the Fence)
    11. Time delayed Grenades (Blackjack series)
    12. HT-1 Radio for ACRE2 (Blackjack series)
    13. KY-38 addon to AN/PRC-77 with ACRE Babbel Functionality simulating NESTOR (encryption)
    14. Toy Tank Mine from We Few
    15. Radio Direction Finding Script for NVA Players/AI
    16. Dextro Amphetamine Sulfate Tablets "Green Hornets" for ACE stamina system
    17. Inventory Search Triggered Boobytraps (trap kit detectable) (blackjack series)
    18. XM37 Linear Antipersonnel Mine (RT New York)
    19. Cover tracks add action for tracker module
    20. Making noise while walking through elephant grass
    21. AN/PRC-25 with plastic bag modeled on communication handset
    22. ARC-54 Vehicle mounted radio for ACRE 2 w/ C3835 control head GUI or AN/ARC-131 FM Radio (
    23. trampled brush stays down if moving at a certain speed for duration. bootprint decals tied to ace blood droplets config
    24. Magnesium Batteries for ACRE 2’s AN/PRC-77 (modern forces UK)
    25. Disinformation letters wrapped in blue plastic packaging. Used as a secondary mission task (SOG)
    26. Tree models that overhang or are bent (by man and/or nature) to allow for creation of canopy cover over a road while not obstructing the road (Ho Chi Minh Trail)
    27. Serum Albumin aka blood expander for Ace Medical (whiskey tango foxtrot, Brent 0331 LRRPs YouTube video)
    28. Booby Trapped LAW Rocket Tubes (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot)
    29. Randomized Brevity Code Card for Nine Liners & Notepad or KAT Notebook (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Across the Fence, SOG, etc.)
    30. Placeable black box “mini-ponder” shows location on map to radar equipped units datalink compatible [if possible] (the dying place)
    31. “Cup ear” ace interact action centered on player’s head. Once utilized, the ACRE2 volume for both players goes to less than 0 bars. Similar to infantry telephone option on vehicles. (The dying place)
    32. “Grab shoulder” ace interact action for night movement
    33. “Splash canteen on face” ace interact action, brings someone out of unconscious state while using half of a player’s canteen (Oscar Eight)
    34. Enemy AI mod that encircles the player team and slowly pushes in. (SOG, SR & SUT, 05/02/67 J Shriver BSV-OLC3)
    35. “Ruck/collar Drag” ace interact action faster dragging animation and movement at the cost of ace medical pain, pain increases due to duration of drag. (The dying place)
    36. NVA truck with blackout lights (secret commandos)
    37. Plaster’s painted black Freon powered air horn (secret commandos)
    38. Time delay star-clusters (secret commandos)
    39. “Anti-elephant” variant of the toe popper mine (secret commandos)
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