So hello and welcome to me my darlings!
Known as Dolly to most people even in the real world and Ben to some people. A little bit about me I was In the Royal Corps of Signals for 7 years and due to my Military holidays I suffer with PTSD....
I got into PC gaming in the last few years as I found that it helps me cope with my PTSD it is by far the best form of mindfulness for myself, I stream (Mostly Arma 3) in hope that I can help people because watching streams helped me.
As for getting into this project I have only been involved a very short amount of time compared to most but the whole team has embraced me as they are lovely lovely people.
I am always about to help people learn and give them guidance or as much guidance as I can and My inbox is always open for the small issue that you don't want to bother the grown ups with.
All the best