News Review March 2022

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    March news is here! As the developers continue to work hard on the next game update we would like to share with you what the Praire Fire community has been doing.
    Mods have been updated, new missions have been created and some amazing YouTube videos have been published.

    Here’s an image of one of our team (Ice) getting ready for some new voice-acting work:

    1. DLC News

    • Mike Force - Version: 0.66.05 Update

    Mike Force has been receiving regular fixes thanks to our new team members who joined to help develop the popular multiplayer mission.
    We have also been doing public testing with our Dev Build of Mike Force where anyone can join and test the upcoming features.

    The latest update changes:
    - [New] Added supply depots that expand base supply cap
    - [New] Players in boats can package nearby underwater wrecks
    - [Change] Simulation disabled on cleanup bins to stop them being moved
    - [Change] Rebuilt how reinforcements are allocated to objectives
    - [Fix] Fixed tasks not completing since Arma 2.08

    • Teespring merchandise

    Our Merchandise store was updated this month. We have added some more designs including new posters, shirts and hoodies, and you can now have a Kitty Bar pillow!
    You can check out the new merch in our store here:

    • Goat 1.5 Update

    Our April Fools joke involved the already classic Prairie Fire Goat Easter Eggs.

    As posted on our Discord news channel:

    “Introducing the Official Goat 1.5 Update for S.O.G. Prairie Fire -

    This update introduces a complete overhaul of the Arma 3 Engine in which every unit has been changed to goats.
    - New grass textures
    - 1 New Terrain "Farmland" 100m x 100m;
    - 72 New Different goats;
    - 98 New Goat Animations;
    - 2 New Scenarios "Eat the Grass" & "Escape the Farm";
    - 3 New Soundtrack Song including "Bah", "Fortunate Grass", "We got to get out of this farm" and many more.
    Update size: 83gb
    Full Changelog:

    We apologise to all our fans who were a little upset they didn't actually get this amazing package, as it was after all, an April Fools joke. At least you could wear your goat-head in game during the whole day!

    2.Community Screenshots and Artwork:

    Our favorite community screenshots this month feature the Navy SEALs, ARVN and a really cool painting of a Huey supply drop in Mike Force:

    Jarrad96 via Discord

    101st AB | 1LT A. Brain via Discord

    Beonpoint via Discord

    3. Highlighted Mods

    • [LEP] Lefteris Cold War Expansion Pack:

    LEP Mod has been updated and several factions have been added, including: PLA 70s , Cuba, Spain, Italy, IDF , Racs , SLA and more

    You can find 37 awesome SOGPF-compatible mods in our official collection here:

    4. Highlighted missions

    • Warrior [Single Player]:

    Be a S.O.G soldier on the ground and fulfill multiple objectives including destroying multiple S.A.M sites. You will be alone by yourself without any support. Higher ups expect you to perform well without any trouble… But be cautious, the enemy has his ears and his eyes everywhere…

    • Landric's Orienteering (CamLaoNam)[Single Player]:

    Train your map-reading skills; observe your surroundings, and navigate the course as fast as possible. This isn't a sprint - you'll need to take your time, use landmarks and terrain gradients, and plot the fastest route.

    • Katanes Sand in the soup - 8 mission campaign (CamLaoNam)[Single Player]:

    “Follow the story of Cobra 3 team in this exciting, immersive 8-mission series.”

    You can find 62 awesome SP and MP SOGPF missions in our official collection here:

    5. Highlighted Youtube Videos
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    You have the same link for Katanes Sand in the Soup and for the 62 awesome SP and MP SOGPF missions in your official collection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kMaN View Post
    You have the same link for Katanes Sand in the Soup and for the 62 awesome SP and MP SOGPF missions in your official collection.
    yes we do - we were just featuring it separately as it's new
    "Team or F*** off!"