Just some of the things I've experienced in both Mike Force and missions.

1: Mike force

I recently participated in a Mike Force session where I got separated from the team.
I respawned and in the distance I could hear a vehicle moving. There were a couple of jeeps
at the base I was at so I took one and headed off to find the source of that noise. It turned out to be a tank. I followed the tank for a fair while until we got close to the fight. Then I drove off as he seemed to be heading elsewhere.

In the meantime I had been listening on the radio, not just to the sound track, but also to the traffic that was indicating one of the FOBs had been overrun and was in deep trouble. I was able to navigate to said FOB.

I suppose I was lucky. There were 2 or 3 Charlies, firing into that FOB and they had their backs to me. After solving that problem I walked onto the base and tended the 1st wounded I saw. Then I overheard something on the radio that made me smile " Where the hell did you come from?"

I don't know many games where you can surprise people like that.

2: missions

There I was, on yet another Eldest Son mission. The team delivered its cargo and made it to the LZ relatively unscathed, but as usual, charlie was in pursuit and we were going to have to holdout until the chopper could get to us. That meant placing mines. This specific LZ had a few large boulders on it that created a set of narrow passages. So what do I do? I mine those passages with a combination of toe poppers in the narrow gaps and claymores that cover the bigger gaps before I take cover.

and then, Charlie comes and the firefight erupts.

Almost immediatly I notice 2 guys on top of the rocks firing down into the jungle. I kind of tell them that it's better to take cover as they're pretty exposed on top of those rocks. Then I hear an explosion. It seemed that the enemy those 2 team members had been firing on had run into the claymore I placed nearby...

Hell of a feeling to be able to help your team like that.