About RSAS

The Rhodesian Special Air Service was the former British Colony's (Southern Rhodesia) premier Special Forces unit. the Rhodesian Special Air Service distinguished themselves during the Rhodesian Bush War from 1964-1979 If you would like to help save Rhodesia from the Floppies join here: discord.gg/bacT59BGZ8

How We Operate

In-Game, RSAS operates with a focus on fun missions mixed in with realism. If you prefer sprinting everywhere, using radios 24/7 and your 50gigs of slightly different Crye G3's, this is probably not the unit for you. Only our RTO's carry radios, and patrolling between objectives is standard practice, and we pretty much just use the kit we're given. Basically we enjoy simulating infantry tactics and military tactics of the era and country that we emulate. It isn't a super strict unit with 3-Day long Basic Trainings just to play during ops, but we like to bring everyone up to speed with how we operate (yes even if you have x amount of hours)

Outside of the game we usually mess around on our Vietnam liberation server


  • 1st Platoon - Infantry
  • 1. Section - Rifles
  • 2. Section - Weapons
  • 2nd Platoon - Aviation

Other Information
Operations are Sundays at 8pm EST
Training's are Thursdays 8pm EST
Prairie Fire is required to play
discord link: discord.gg/bacT59BGZ8

New Join Procedure
Once accepted into RSAS, you will be assigned the rank of Private. As a private you do not hold any slots in #rsas -billets until you complete Advanced Trooper Training (ATT). Once completely, you will be placed in a trooper slot as a rifleman. If you wish to become a machine gunner or Light/anti-tank, you must first complete Master Machine Gunner (MMG) or Master Anti-tank (MAT) course. Once completed, you must either wait for the slot to be open in your assigned section or transfer to another section that has the open slot.