Since voting with wallets alone doesn't work: I refunded the DLC because...

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    It's not adhering to what I personally consider the Arma standard of interoperability with other mods and DLCs.

    Not only was I unable to find a way to use the assets for the DLC I purchased for things other than S.O.G.s own machinations, but when I did load it, it changed the UI of Arma to the worse and didn't seem to load other mods then.

    This is especially insulting since the compatibility mod adds many of those assets.
    The hell man?

    I will not be buying ANY creator DLC ever again.
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    Everyone is allowed an opinion. Sorry you see it that way. I hope you find a more fun game to spend your money on! Thanks for feeding back here. Best of luck.
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    Honestly have to agree with you on this one, it took me a full year to finally decide to just play ARMA without SOGPF. It's a shame because there's so much gear, weapons and vehicles that'll be perfect for vanilla singleplayer/multiplayer gameplay but due to "wanting to declutter the menu" (legit reason they gave me when I asked the same question on this forum) I basically can't play ARMA 3 just to use those assets. I imagine with more CDLC's (Bohemia wants to release around two this year) out, most players are gonna move away from SOGPF if these new CDLC's have subsititute assets that SOGPF has especially since we're being forced between a rock and a hard place right now.
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    we were asked by Bohemia as our publisher to remove the future era content after reviewing our menu design, to avoid confusion for new players expecting a Vietnam era experience.

    There is a handy workshop mod that reinstates the main menu and default campaign when running SOG dlc.

    ​​​​​​​vanilla main menu and vanilla campaign restore: