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    [MILSIM] 173rd Airborne Brigade
    20-11-21 , 04:03

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    [173rd Airborne Brigade]
    -503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment
    |2nd Battalion | Alpha Company|

    The 173rd Airborne Brigade was founded by the command personnel from the 25th Infantry Division. The 173rd Airborne Brigade ties in veterans, PC gamers, military enthusiasts, and active duty personnel alike for a unique, historical, and engaging experience. The 173rd officially opened in early September of 2021. The 173rd prides itself in a history of excellence, dedicative efficiency, and extraordinary cohesiveness. The 173rd unlike other Military Simulation (Milsim) units is a fully immersive realism unit Immersing it’s members into a virtual world very similar to that of a real life soldier within the Vietnam War Era.

    Unit Operations
    Saturdays @ 6pm EST
    1st Platoon Trainings Fridays @ 6pm EST
    Unofficial Operations Wednesdays @ 8pm EST

    11B: Rifleman-Open
    11C: Indirect Fire Crewman-Closed
    11H: Direct Fire Crewman(Machine Gun Team)-Open
    12B: Combat Engineer-Closed
    91A: Medical Corpsman-OPEN
    11B: Grenadier-Open
    05B: Radio Operator-Open
    062B: Rotary Pilot-Closed

    Unit Information

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