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    Mike Force and its imbalance of Force and its frustrating NON-Infantry Gameplay

    11-11-21 , 16:48

    I am pretty much done with MF and here i want to express why and whats the problem with Infantry and Pilots and the lack of communication from Infantry.

    As F-4 pilot your restricted to provide CAS, but when the Infantry refuses to communicate with you, you have to check every second the map to get sure you dont hit friendlies and TK someone, Infantry often ignore your CAS marker and even sometimes delete your markers and notes, Infantry has no interest in calling CAS provided by a real player because Infantry has the ability to call Artillery wich is exact meanwhile the player has to train his skills to hit exactly where its supposed to hit, also the Artillery if it kills, the reward goes to the radio operator meanwhile the kills in a F-4 CAS stike operated by a player goes to the F-4 pilot, there are no shared kills.
    There is no tolerance for mistakes, if you crash your heli because you misunderstood the position of AA or hit accidentally a tree for example you are the one who is to blame for, if you say sorry you sometimes get even laughter or get insulted as a noob and other things i dont want to mention here.
    In general Mike Force is a gamemode wich is very starter unfriendly and is mainly focused on Infantry, there are no rewards for transporting all the time players and supply boxes around (with only few crashes in many real time houres gameplay), there are no rewards for providing CAS, there are no special missions for jet pilots, transport pilots or tankers and boat players, its all based on Infantry, on the needs of Infantry and on the demands from Infantry, as pilot as example you can be lucky if you get a "thank you" instead of a "f**k you, we have enough pilots anyway".

    My experience is based on the EU servers, this do not apply on other regions.

    This is not meant as trash post, i want to share here my very frustrating NON-Infantry experience in Mike Force, as always be friendly and no hate please.

    @ Steiner I am sorry if i killed some of you but i hope you understand that the Pilot role is very frustrating and Infantry is at least the same rude as i was today, lets hope that SGD improves MF and make the other roles more enjoyable as they are right now.
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    12-11-21 , 12:12

    Just my $.02:

    I think the idea behind Mike Force is great. The problem is that too many players come in and want to play a video game and not a simulation; they want an arcade game, and my response will always be "Go play Call of Duty if that's what you want."

    The premise of the game is the simulation of the over the fence operations of the SOG teams, so it is infantry based, and the pilot roles are solely in support of them. I have read at least four books written by some of them, and one of them contributed on this project.

    So, I understand your frustration and I have no words to ease them. But, it is about infantry, and even many of the infantry players are too much in it for the quick kill thrill. This is why I have regressed back into the editor and making my own scenarios again, with more focus on stealth and tactics.

    ​​​​​​​Good luck.
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    12-11-21 , 16:43

    Every aircraft is solely a supporting tool, as SeaCow52 rightly noted. So, it means, the one to task a pilot or give him a marker (location) to attack is the ground force commander. No wonder infantry deletes a pilot's markers. On the other hand, yeah, EU's based servers suck a lot. When I was playing on an EU server with TFAR, there were very few players using TS3+TFAR. Even fewer players were communicating through VOIP. I think the language barrier is something that plays as much important a role here as the multinational base of players, the typical age of players, and lack of mil-sim attitude among them, also pointed out by SeaCow.
    ​​​​​​​But - fear not! There's a solution to all of the cons of playing on MF servers - join a mil-sim community :] If you prove to be good enough to not ruin players' evening by stupid crashes and go through a few month-long screening processes then you most likely will fly a lot. Obviously not as often as you did on MF servers and not in a way you'd probably like to do, in most cases :] As a bonus, you may even have a chance to feel like a "real" soldier calling everyone around a "yes, sir!" or "no, sir!" ;)

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