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    [release] a3wasteland: Sog prairie fire
    05-10-21 , 02:22

    To host or play this version of wasteland then you will need to purchase the Arma 3 SOG: Prairie Fire DLC (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1..._Prairie_Fire/)

    I have completed the first alpha version of the SOG: Prairie Fire DLC port to the wasteland mod.
    All the vanilla & previous DLC items/weapons/vehicles/aircraft/etc have been removed and replaced with all of the Prairie Fire assets.

    I started this project with no knowledge of BI syntax or C code so instead of learning how to code a basic ‘hello world’ program I figured I'd give this super large project a shot. I am fluent with php,html,css,sql so I was able to pick up on the basics pretty fast and was eventually able to change everything to my liking and even go as far as creating new missions, addons & features for the wasteland mod. I have put many, many, many hours into this project but have got to the stage where I am very busy with my studies and job so I am happy to release this project to the public and hope that the community can contribute to it and make it even better (and bug free, there’s lots, I checked the server logs 😖)

    The main changes and features are:
    -New map: Cam Lao Nam – 225km2 (it’s a huge map)
    -Every weapon/vehicle/aircraft/weapon/item changed to the Prairie Fire DLC assets
    - Money payouts reduced
    -New mission type: Tunnel Rats – Navigate dark tunnels at night to clear out the enemies. The tunnels have 10 enemy AI units and each enemy unit has 3 possible spawn locations in the tunnel so each tunnel will feel a lot more random
    -New patrol mission variations
    -No night vision goggles or scopes so use flares instead
    -Brighter night time
    -Loot is more random and a much larger range of weapons/items to loot
    -Quality of life updates
    -Feature improvements
    -Added/created various addons to make the experience better

    Below is a list of everything I have completed for the mod. (This is Not a to do list!)

    [Achieved] Stable server build with the Prairie Fire DLC enabled
    [Added] Paint uniform option added to the general store - Thanks to LouDnl for the original addon files
    [Added] Paint vehicle option added to the vehicle store - Thanks to LouDnl for the original addon files
    [Added][TESTING REQUIRED] Anti-cheat exceptions for the prairie fire DLC (New DLC menu items were triggering it) #####NEED TO TEST THIS MORE #####
    [Changed] Setup all town names, diameters and increased the amount from 25 to 52 - vehicle spawn amount increased slightly
    [Changed] Setup airport resupply trucks at all 4 airports
    [Changed] Random boat/vehicle/aircraft spawns now spawn Prairie Fire boats/vehicles/aircraft
    [Added] Store clean up addon - Time set to 30 mins - Thanks to Soulkobk for the original addon files
    [Added] Fix town street lamps addon setup for the Prairie Fire DLC - Broken lamps will reset every 30 minutes - Thanks to Soulkobk for the original addon files
    [Removed] Removed the trump paint textures to save space on the mission file (Saved ~1mb of space)
    [Changed] Set the location for all random aircraft/helicopter spawns (Most spawn at airports and FOBs)
    [Added] Every gun/ammo/ordinance etc from the Prairie Fire DLC to the gun store
    [Created] Paint backpack addon added to the general store - Once again, thanks to LouDnl for the original addon script
    [Added] All Prairie Fire general store items
    [Added] The option to define the store owners headgear, goggles and vest on top of the standard weapon and uniform
    [Changed] All store owner outfits to Prairie Fire outfits (each store owner has a unique setup)
    [Added] All Prairie Fire vehicles to the store
    [Changed] Setup all territory names, locations & payout amounts
    [Changed] All Assault Diver units (BLU is now demolitions) (OPF is now Sapper) (IND is now demolitions) (Anyone can buy a wetsuit+rebreather+underwater gun so the whole squads can partake) This may change after the 1.1 update – Units may be changed back to divers
    [Changed] All forest mission locations and added extra spawn markers around the map
    [Changed] All sunken treasure mission locations and increased the amount of spawn markers to 20 spawns
    [Added] 2 large hangars to Gia Lam Airbase so it doesn't look so empty (They need to be aligned properly, it's really close though)
    [Changed] Canned food and water bottles are now food rations and water canteens
    [Changed] Increased squad 11 to 5 players and squad 12 to 6 players for all 3 teams
    [Added] A bunch of ATMs around cities and most store owners (23 total)
    [Changed] The default UI colour from light blue to army green which suits the Vietnam war style much better
    [Added] A whole new mission type for the Tunnel Rat missions which I plan to only run at night time
    [Changed] Defined all types of random spawn vehicle/aircraft to Prairie Fire vehicle/aircraft
    [Changed] Setup the complete R3F config with all objects/vehicles/aircraft defined
    [Changed] All mission locations and increased possible spawn locations to 30
    [Changed] The store vehicle sell function now identifies if the vehicle has been purchased or if it's a random spawn. (purchased vehicles get 1/2 payout - spawned vehicles get 1/5 payout) - This should stop vehicle farming
    [Changed] All mission enemies and their default gear changed to Prairie Fire outfits & assets
    [Changed] All base building objects which spawn in towns to Prairie Fire objects
    [Changed] Setup all Main, Side & Money missions
    [Changed] Random helicopters spawns & boat spawns now spawn facing the marker direction so helicopter spawns can be placed close to walls & boat spawns can be placed close to jetty's
    [Changed] All store-bought vehicles now spawn facing the marker direction
    [Changed] Sell weapons, Sell backpack option, Sell crate option, Sell uniform option, Sell vehicle items option, Sell vest option all now sell for 1/4 of the original store price
    [Added] The drugs addon which includes weed, lsd, cocaine & heroin (buy & sell drugs at the gen store or just take them and see what happens)
    [Changed] The Salvage function now identifies if the vehicle has been purchased or if it's a random spawn (purchased vehicles get a higher payout than spawned vehicles)
    [Changed] All mission reward crate/suppy vehicle weapons/items to Prairie Fire weapons/items (reduced chance of weapons/items but increased range of weapons/items to obtain)
    [Changed] Setup all random boat spawn locations - 160 possible spawn locations - spawn amount reduce down to 60% with the increased marker amount
    [Removed] All night vision goggles / night vision scopes / night vision guns
    [Changed] Setup the Loot Spawner addon and boxSpawning with all the Prairie Fire buildings / weapons / items
    [Changed] Configured the night time darkness level to much less so it will never be pitch black (I had to disable overcast completely so can overcast be enabled for daytime only?)
    [Added] Karts to the store (because why not)
    [Changed] Removed a couple paintjobs and added some extra better paintjobs
    [Changed] Disabled the 'A3W_missionFarAiDrawLines' to make the mission harder and because it was causing problems with the tunnel rats mission (can the lines be disabled for the tunnel rat missions but work for all other mission types?)
    [Changed] Storage icon colour to green (already too many yellow icons on the map) & reduced the size of all store/storage/parking icons
    [Changed] Setup all parking and storage buildings/locations - A3W_privateParkingLimit is now 10 and it costs $125 to retrieve a vehicle
    [Added] 8 Tunnel Rat missions - Unique tunnel designs - 10 enemies - each enemy has 3-5 possible spawn locations
    [Changed] All randomly spawned aircraft & helicopters now spawn with 0 ammo if they have weapons
    [changed] Vehicle capture mission vehicles now spawn with much less ammo than standard
    [Added] New river patrol convoy mission - 2 possible routes added so far --#####testing required####
    [Changed] All default gear on spawn for each team to Prairie Fire items - Demolitions and Sappers now spawn with a Trap Kit and Tool Kit – All players spawn with a flash light
    [Changed] All mission convoy paths setup (They work but could do with some tweaking to get them to work better)
    [Added] Tunnel Rats mission (setup multiple tunnel mission locations around the map)
    [Added] Purchase fuel addon by soulkobk - Slightly altered it to identify the players current vehicle and charge different amounts depending on the vehicle type (Prices set in the script)
    [Added] New mission type 'Seek and Destroy'. Enemies patrol the area but their exact location is unknown so you need to seek and destroy them. #####Testing Required#####
    [Changed] Setup all 3 store pricing for objects/weapons/vehicles

    SOG Prairie Fire Version 1.1 Updated
    [FEATURES] 6 new cars, 5 static guns/launchers, 11 guns with mags and attachments, new diving gear(Removed vanilla diving gear/weapon), 12 helmets, 7 vests, & 31 uniforms
    [Changed] Setup the R3F for the new cars, static guns & launchers
    [Changed] Added new guns to possible spawn list for reward crates & Trucks
    [Changed] Added all the cars, guns & uniforms to the store
    [Changed] Added new cars to possible spawn list in towns
    [Changed] Added new guns to possible spawn list in cars
    [Changed] Removed the SDAR & rebreathers from the enemy units in the underwater missions and replaced with the oxygen tank & underwater pistol from Prairie Fire update 1.1
    I need to do some basic testing with the 1.1 update to ensure everything is alright. I winged it and just added everything without testing while I was adding all the new assets 😀

    Notes for the mod:
    -With my layout design the server should run stable at a higher fps for a longer period of time because I have made all assets more expensive and reduced the mission/sell payouts so there will be less assets being dumped and more vehicles being salvaged etc (also less clean up work for admins)
    -The mission file now comes with a binarized mission.sqm as standard but also includes an un-binarized mission.sqm as well for anyone who wants to make any changes. Please remember to binarize your mission after editing it. The server runs better when it has been binarized
    -Best way to sell bulk items, Load everything in a vehicle > go to any store owner > in the menu select ‘sell vehicle contents’ > press Enter to confirm the sale
    -Best way to make $$: Loot every enemy you kill > salvage every wreck you find > sell every vehicle you find > bullets cost $ each round fired, bayonets cost nothing each thrust ;)
    -Don’t store your loot in a reward create, use the personal loot crates located in many cities and towns

    Questions for the community (which I would like to try get answered before I release the mod)
    -How do I set a mission to only run between certain hrs? (I need the tunnel rat mission to only run at night which will force players to use flashlights when down in the tunnels)
    -Is it possible to set overcast/rain for day time only? (At night it makes it too dark)
    -Is it possible to disable grenades and other throwables when players are inside a tunnel for the Tunnel Rat missions? (players enter/exit the tunnels via spawned tunnel entry/exit points so a teleport script is executed when this happens, maybe it can be enabled/disabled then?)
    -In the tunnels when a player is climbing a ladder and they open their parachute they fall into a restricted zone, can parachutes be disable/re-enabled when they enter/exit the tunnel?
    -Can the ‘A3W_missionFarAiDrawLines’ be disabled only for the Tunnel Rat missions?
    -Is someone able to merge the Advanced Tow Ropes addon into the wasteland mod using the R3F LOG so the external mod isn't required at all? Here's the link to it https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/to...ced-tow-ropes/IM OFFERING ANYONE $15USD IF THEY CAN MAKE THIS POSSIBLE AND PROVIDE THE FILES (I can paypal, steam gift, giftcard etc)

    This download link will become available 2-3 days after creating this post on the forum. I would like to give it some time to work on and test the 1.1 update and hopefully get my questions answered so I can make some quick alterations before releasing the project

    VirusTotal results will go here

    Do you have a question or suggestion for the project? Post it below and I will try get back to you as soon as possible
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    16-10-21 , 10:48

    is this going to be released in near future? and any possibilites to release this on a github rather then a zipped file?
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    17-10-21 , 08:20

    Awesome Mikey please do post the links when it's done :D

    Any servers using it already?