Mike Force Beta Multiplayer Scenario

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    Level 1
    I am still trying to figure out how to play this scenario.
    We are a very small team of 3-4 players that most of the time play KP Liberation campaing since they adapt to our small group size.

    I really like some of the features of Mike Force but I am not sure if it will work with just this small number of people.
    I have joined some public servers playing Mike Force with huge num,er of player but this is not my gameplay style.

    Have any of you been able to play Mike Force with a small number of player?
    Can you provide some tips or suggestions about this?

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    Furia, you likely need about 6-8 people to enjoy it.
    1 - base builder (ACAV)
    1 - base defender (ACAV)
    1 - supply delivery/ CAS helicopter pilot (Green Hornet)
    3-5 - hunter-killer team patrolling AO (Mike Force)

    Focus on setting up your base to spawn near the AO.
    Maybe even ship in the large building supplies near to your AO before inserting any troops, so as soon as they land they can set up a spawn point (checkpoint) and load in the supplies (situation room) to enable it to work. This will prevent them from being overrun quickly.
    Next build out your defences a little, before sending your hunter-killer team out to kill AA and artillery sites.
    Good luck!
    "Team or F*** off!"

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    Head of Community

    Mike Force Roadmap for the next update

    1. Quality of Life



    Streamlining the experience to make it more enjoyable, fixing bugs and addressing common issues.


    Improving the whitelisted arsenal ranks; revamping the building menu; adding a new player tutorial; new tools for FOB building (including tree-cutting and object demolition); dynamic player groups; improved support tasks; bugfixes (no more stuck zones); static weapon crates and better night fighting.

    2. Strategy



    Making the high-level gameplay more reactive and dynamic. Play on an evolving map, with AI that pushes back in reaction to your strategic decisions.


    Improving how supplies are transported; giving zones identities and types; more variation in enemy attacks and infiltrations; more static emplacements and vehicles; improved player access to artillery and ground vehicles.

    3. Level Up



    Further developing the rank system, and better rank information


    Improved UIs for ranking up and medals; better balancing of rank points; and more support tasks to earn rank points.

    4. Spike Team



    Adding the fourth team of SOG covert Special Forces conducting missions to interfere with enemy operations.


    Add Spike Team option for players; new missions behind enemy lines; dynamic results of Spike Team missions that affect zone completion.