Mike Force Beta Multiplayer Scenario

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    Mike Force is now available on the workshop!

    Take back Vietnam from the communists!

    Four specialist U.S. teams co-operate to build bases and destroy the VC in this unique, intense, persistent mission.

    Vietnam has been infiltrated by communist forces from the North! Choose one of four specialist teams, and co-operate to build bases, expand capability and find and destroy the enemy in this unique, intense, combined arms, conquest mission.

    To survive in the jungle, you will need food, water and medicine, tools for building, and a lot of ammo! Earn rank points and medals completing tasks in order to unlock better equipment and support!

    • Join the Armored Cavalry (ACAV) team to build Forward Operating Bases (FOB's) and run the gauntlet in truck convoys bringing essential supplies.
    • Join the Green Hornets team to transport men and materials to remote outposts or directly into a hot LZ on the battlefield, or fly Close Air Support (CAS)
    • Join Mike Force team to patrol the jungles, mountains, rivers, swamps and streets, sweeping for enemy camps and fighting positions, and garrison the FOB's when they come under relentless attack from the VC!
    • Join the Spike Team to operate deep in enemy territory, to destabilise the enemy by locating and destroying their facilities. (Note: Spike Team is currently disabled / on R&R, and will be included in a future release).

    An intelligent AI commander ensures that no mission is ever the same in this persistent, challenging, dynamic and immersive Vietnam experience!

    Mike force is currently in beta, and still under constant development! There's a wide variety of features and plenty of polish still to be added, so keep an eye out for regular updates!

    You may host it on your servers and play it in its published state only.
    This is a temporary restriction, that will last until the end of the Mike Force beta. We want to ensure all players have the best, most up-to-date experience possible - and that's unfortunately not feasible if people start producing variants!

    We hope to make the mission available for changes after its full release - thanks for understanding!

    Dedicated Server
    It's strongly advised to the run mission on a dedicated server to improve performance. To further improve performance for clients, 1-2 headless clients are recommended.

    To install, download the mission from the workshop and put in the mpmissions folder of your server, overwriting any mission that's already there. In order to see the mission in-game, the server must have the CDLC loaded.

    LAN Hosting
    LAN hosting isn't advised, especially with large player numbers. However, it does work for small numbers of players.

    To install, subscribe to the workshop mod. You'll then see the mission available when attempting to a host a server, when you have the CDLC enabled.

    Recommended Settings
    The following things are guidelines for experiencing Mike Force as it's designed:

    • Set the AI to Regular difficulty. This can be using the normal "Regular" difficulty setting, or by setting `aiLevelPreset = 1` in your Arma 3 Profile's custom difficulty settings.
    • Play with TFAR. TFAR significantly improves communication among teams, and reduces unnecessary background chatter.
    • Play without ACE. ACE is a fantastic mod, but it's also large and touches a lot of Arma's core gameplay. This might have unintended consequences on the balance of the mission. If you do want to play with ACE, it's *strongly* advised to disable ACE medical. It will conflict with the CDLC's revive system, and will also make the game significantly harder.

    Instructions and Tutorial
    How to play is documented in the in-game field manual. A full tutorial is in the works, and should be coming soon!

    Issue Reporting

    Issues can be reported on our GitHub:

    The License is included with the mission and available for download as a pdf here:

    • No derivations
    • No reuploading
    • No reverse engineering
    • No monetizing/ commercial use
    • We hope to allow community modification once Mike Force reaches its main release.

    Meantime, thank you for respecting the license!

    Default Controls
    Mike Force has a number of custom key bindings you'll need to know. All of these bindings can be dynamically edited from the game menu, while in a Mike Force game.


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    How do you form squads in Mike Force? A major issue everyone had was all being stuck communicating on the Side channel. The U key wasn't working. And most of the server s were not running TFAR.
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    Head of Community
    TFAR is best, or else join our teamspeak.sogpf.com and borrow a channel for official server games.
    "Team or F*** off!"

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    Level 4
    Havnt been able to play yet, but looking forward to Mike Force. I have a question regarding the scenario though. If I play with some friends on LAN periodically, and not on a dedicated server, how does saving the game work/ does it work or have a save function over LAN? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post
    Havnt been able to play yet, but looking forward to Mike Force. I have a question regarding the scenario though. If I play with some friends on LAN periodically, and not on a dedicated server, how does saving the game work/ does it work or have a save function over LAN? Thanks

    It should work on LAN without any problems. The only difference is you might notice a slight reduction in performance as you'll be doing all the work the server normally does.
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    Level 4
    Spoffy you are the man !
  • Spoffy's Avatar
    Level 2
    If anyone is having issues with crashes on Mike Force on Linux dedicated servers, it's due an issue in the CDLC some serverside only assets (Cobra, some buildings).
    Here's a workaround that should work until we can sort it out properly!

    Use air_f_vietnam.pbo and vn_structures.pbo from your normal Arma client install, and manually put them on server.
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    Are players meant to be recruiting AI squads in this game mode, if so where do we do so?