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    Mike Force Roadmap
    06-08-21 , 11:03

    Mike Force Roadmap for the next update

    news posted August 2021

    Update #1: Quality of Life

    Streamlining the experience to make it more enjoyable, fixing bugs and addressing common issues.

    Planned Content:
    Improving the whitelisted arsenal ranks; revamping the building menu; adding a new player tutorial; new tools for FOB building (including tree-cutting and object demolition); dynamic player groups; improved support tasks; bugfixes (no more stuck zones); static weapon crates and better night fighting, addressing the CAS imbalance, plus more!

    Update #2: Strategy

    Making the high-level gameplay more reactive and dynamic. Play on an evolving map, with AI that pushes back in reaction to your strategic decisions.

    Planned Content:
    Improving how supplies are transported; giving zones identities and types; more variation in enemy attacks and infiltrations; more static emplacements and vehicles; improved player access to artillery and ground vehicles, and much more!

    Update #3: Level Up

    Further developing the rank system, and better rank information

    Planned Content:
    Improved UIs for ranking up and medals; better balancing of rank points; and more support tasks to earn rank points, and other quality of life changes following the strategy update!

    Update #4: Spike Team

    Adding the fourth team of SOG covert Special Forces conducting missions to interfere with enemy operations.

    Planned Content:
    Add Spike Team option for players; new missions behind enemy lines; dynamic results of Spike Team missions that affect zone completion.
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