Peep Sights Rear Aperture Depiction In Game and Usability Deficiencies Thereof

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    Here's a picture to introduce the problem and its simple solution:

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    This comes from a reddit thread named "How peep sights look IRL and how they should look in game", which refers to the game RS2 Vietnam, yet it covers the exact same issue present here and in many other games.

    It is worth remaking how popular addons for ArmA 3, such as RHS, have correctly implemented a blurry rear aperture ring on the M1 Garand. This in my experience, provides the possible best adaptation of reality's own "Mk1 Eyeball" and its usage in combat within the context of a 3d simulation renderer.

    The result in ArmA looks like this (M1 by RHS):
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    This seemingly trivial detail really plays a very large role in the process of target acquisition. With a hard and opaque rear aperture, a small-ish target becomes wholly obscured when traversing one's aim onto it. This "Blind Zone" around the center reticle is not an issue with a physical eyeball or camera lens due to Depth of Field effects.

    While ArmA does offer a DoF effect, the results of it are less than ideal and most importantly, there is a noticeable performance cost attached to using post-processing as such. For some of us with hardware of a more "pedestrian" grade, the FPS toll is quite prohibitive.

    Therefore, I believe this simple adjustment would prove a great quality-of-life improvement for us G.I.s out in the field, especially when dealing with quick moving targets so adept of playing "Hide and Seek" as Charlie often is.

    Cheers and thanks again for an awesome mod!

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    Thanks for the feedback Mayhem, I'll bring it up for discussion!

    Please post the issue in the feedback tracker so we can assign developers to it and it doesn't get lost:
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    What is the proposed solution to be implemented? I don't see it?
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    I've made a thread here to make a list of weapons that have this issue:
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    Quote Originally Posted by eggbeast View Post
    What is the proposed solution to be implemented?

    RHS fixed it by adding script that checks if player is aiming, and then
    one of the fake hidden muzzles is animated and model is changed.

    At the moment that's the only solution I know, to blur peep sights.

    Edit: however, I'm not sure if juice is worth a squeeze - to be honest, I learned to live with non-blurry sights in games. Not that it wouldn't be nice to have them look proper, but...
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    thanks for explaining - much appreciated.

    we've got no capacity to apply this kind of hacky workaround in a paid product.
    maybe it can be done by a modder.

    always happy to listen to suggestions, so thanks for engaging.
    any weapons listed in maartens thread above we'll look at enlarging the rear sight aperture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eggbeast View Post
    enlarging the rear sight aperture.
    Note that in some of the weapons (for example M16, M14, M1 Carbine) it might be better not to enlarge the aperture, but reduce the "outer diameter" of the sight itself. See for example this diagram, and compare it to in-game M16 sight-picture: the aperture size seems fine (the bigger, 300 meter one), but it's the "wall" around it that blocks much of the view.

    Edit: naturally this can't be done in (for example) MAC-10, so the course of action depends on the gun itself.
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