Easter Egg Hunt - What have you found Today?

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    I found the "Horrible Goat" reference, it's actually not far form where hard working dev's go to find peace.

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    There are some folks on the Discord who have been working on the Halloween Easter egg puzzle, and it was suggested to start a thread here on the forums about it. I'm thinking this one should do nicely.

    Let's start at the beginning by analyzing the "Transmission" video.

    0:00 - 0:06: It was a dark and stormy night. What looks to be two MACV soldiers are on sentry duty outside a large tent, somewhere in the jungle.
    0:07 - 0:19: Interior view of the tent. Two more MACV soldiers are seen with a third man dressed in civilian clothes. There is a table with a radio set, as well as a mapboard with some photos and markings. At 0:08, a transmission comes across the radio in Morse code.
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    0:20 - 0:32: The scene cuts to a MACV-SOG team patrolling carefully through the jungle.
    0:33 - 0:40: The team has halted after discovering a U.S. helmet on the jungle floor. There is a bright flash of lightning and then thunder.
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    0:41 - 0:51: Cut to a view of the jungle at night, fade to black.

    Clue #1 is the Morse code message. That will lead you to Clue #2. However, there are possibly additional clues to be gleaned from the video, namely the map with its markings and attached photos.
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    Here is my extremely poor attempt at recreating the map with drawings.
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    Does anyone know if these locations and/or associated words happen to correspond to any of the missions in the campaign? To my great shame and embarrassment, I have not had a chance to play the campaign myself (I dove straight into Mike Force and became infatuated with that). I thought that perhaps the words might be the callsigns of some of the CAS assets available in the Radio Support module, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    As far as the photos, the only location I can clearly make out is the ruined temple near Nodhal Lo (grid 012193). To me that seems like a red herring, though, since it's nowhere near the marked locations.
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    ...🔺️... hint hint
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    Quote Originally Posted by JByram View Post
    ...🔺️... hint hint
    I'm pretty sure I know what you mean, and I even have a pic I'd like to attach to make sure, but I'd like to hide it in a spoiler section. Any idea how to do that on these forums?