Servers Template
10-05-21 , 11:55

Hi all!

Here is the template for posting about your Public Server on our forums.
- If you need any help please ask a community helper/manager before posting. Either on the forums or on the official SOGPF discord.
- Servers may bump their post every two weeks (14 days). Doing so before will result in warning and repeated failures to follow the bumping rule will result in removal of the Team post.
- Your Server must be set in the Vietnam era and using either UNSUNG, UNSUNG Redux, SOGPF or both in conjunction. There are plenty of other places for other servers to advertise elsewhere.

Simply copy and paste the text below the divider and replace all [text] with your actual group text. Feel free to flavour the post by using bold/italics/underlined text but please do not do anything ridiculous or unnecessary. The best way to understand how it should look is by looking at other team's posts and developing your own style, instead of just directly copying theirs.


[Insert Image or Banner]
​​​[Name of the Server]
[Introduction and Information about the server host community, no more than 50 words]

Server Location (Timezone): [e.g. US East Coast (EST)]
Game Server IP: ​​​​​​​[Server IP]
Required Mods: ​​​​​​​[Rifleman/Machine Gunner/Medic? Infantry/Pilots/Tanks? Please list]
[Post any links you have here (e.g. If you have a discord but no website or public TS, just put discord link and vice versa)]