30-11-21 , 22:55

I’m a big small arms guy, so give me as many firearms as possible. The list to choose from is extensive, but here are some ones that stand out to me:

-S&W M/76: US-made version of the Swedish K. Faster RPM than the M/45.
-M1918A2 BAR: Popular automatic rifle that saw frequent usage on both sides of the conflict.
-M1 Garand: Not only used by ARVN, but also the US forces early on as a sniper rifle in the M1D.
-T223: US made version of the HK33 used by SEALs, sometimes fitted with 40 round magazines.
-Model 7188: Full auto shotgun based off of the Remington Model 1100. Most likely OP as all hell, but a cool addition to have.
-Winchester Model 70: US bolt action rifle in .30-06. Used mainly by the USMC.
-Madsen M50: Danish subgun found in the hands of VC.
-RP46: DPM converted to fire belts.
-L1A1 SLR: SASR rifle, hope to see the Aussies soon.
-Owen Gun: Iconic Australian WWII subgun.
-Sterling SMG: British SMG, mainly used as a suppressed gun.
-L2A1: Full auto version of the L1A1 SLR, sometimes modified into a variant known simply as “The Bitch.”

This is a fantastic mod and I’m enjoying it very much.