Wishlist - What do you want to see in the Prairie Fire DLC?

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    Posted by: GeneralKong

    I do hope that we can see more weapons such as the other variants of the M63a, and UGL for the Type 56
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    Posted by: boggiegang

    Quote Originally Posted by Maarten View Post

    I think SOGPF is a near perfect rendition of the Vietnam war experience in ARMA. I think the gear and guns currently in it are good to go, and nothing else needs to be added in that department. The biggest items on my wishlist would be for for several key vehicles which are currently missing. I know some of these are currently in Unsung, so perhaps they could be fixed up a bit to DLC standards and ported it over? Some would need to be completely re-done I think.

    M113 APC (multiple variants)
    M706 Cadillac Commando
    M551 Sheridan Tank

    US PBR Boat (Patrol Boat, River)

    A-37 Dragonfly
    O-1 Bird Dog
    A-1 Skyraider
    A-4 Skyhawk
    A-6 Intruder
    F-100 Super Sabre
    F-5 Tiger
    OV-10 Bronco
    Mig-17 or Mig-21

    CH-47 Chinook
    Ch-53 Super Stallion
    HH-3 Jolly Green Giant

    I think the addition of a rescue hoist, and some kind of stabo deployment system would be nice to have as well.

    Also adding:

    The US Embassy in Saigon - I think bit of an oversight to not include a custom one since it's such a historic building.

    this is pretty much exactly what i was thinking
    but tbh most of this is just extra goodies
    i think the only few things on this list that really struck me as missing were the lack of Migs to give the F4s some kind of airborne threat
    and the saigon embassy. Its a really distinct building and i would love to see it, and just see a bigger saigon in general, as it feels kinda small for what was historically such a big city

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    Posted by: SUPERNOVA

    I Would love the following things:

    Ch-47(Transport and Guns a go go)

    Ac-47 spooky
    PBR boat
    Maybe a hand held flamethrower?
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    Posted by: Jec

    Quote Originally Posted by Maarten View Post
    Posted by: GeneralKong

    I do hope that we can see more weapons such as the other variants of the M63a, and UGL for the Type 56

    I agree with this specifically on the topic of the M63, the two other variants not in the DLC such as the BREN and especially the LMG belt-fed configuration would be a nice addition for the US forces alongside the M60.
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    Posted by: astronicky

    First off, I just want to say the DLC is absolutely incredible. I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the assets provided so far. That said, there are quite a few additions or tweaks in my 'wishlist', I'll try to keep it organized and will be avoiding general bug-fix ideas. Thanks in advance!


    -Navy Seal Uniforms with the jeans
    -US "civilian" clothing (Hawaiian shirts, business-casual wear etc.) for off duty soldiers and CIA spooks
    -Field caps for all factions
    -Cavalry Stetson and yellow scarves for Lt.Col Bill Kilgore cosplay.
    -Non La with folded sides
    -Helmet foliage
    -Helmet goggles as 'NVGs'
    -Mustaches as facewear/NVGs
    -Additional recon (foliage) backpack variants for PAVN


    -Ithaca 37 Riot Shotgun
    -Melee functionality for select sidearms
    -'Dirt' Variants of traps for use in tunnels/urban environments
    -Lantern "flashlights" for VC

    -Prop vehicles on Cam Lao Nam, like the military bulldozer and civilian cars, should have functioning variants (extra colors and police/taxi versions) for player use. This would open up many opportunities for 'undercover' operations, and would fill a pretty big gap in scenarios like Antistasi.
    -Dnepr M-72 Motorcycle, with variants (military, civilian, sidecar etc.)
    -T-34 tank
    -Type-59/Type-62 tanks
    -ZSU-57 Self Propelled Anti-Air
    -Beijing BJ212 scout car
    -PBR and Airboats
    -Camouflage netting and foliage for appropriate vehicles
    -Better animations for vehicle-mounted weapons. These are incredibly hard to implement in a manner that allows gunners to have a full range of movement while also limiting clipping, however the 'floaty' turrets on PT boats and helicopters is particularly jarring, especially when fully animated version exist.

    -Enable 'snapping' for tunnel and cave systems to ease their use
    -'End caps' for tunnels with snapping functionality. Currently there are many open tunnels that lead out of bounds and into a fatal fall, additionally there aren't many props that can 'cap' these off in a way that doesn't look out of place.
    -Tunnel variants without built-in props (aside from ladders)
    -EDEN Attribute categories for radios to have them emit music, static or radio chatter, as well as the ability to turn them on and off.
    -EDEN Attribute categories for vehicles to enable radios for non-MACV vehicles
    -Blank variants and EDEN attribute categories of 'Map (US)' and 'Map Stand (US)' for user-displayed images
    -Proper surface collision for assets, namely tables, so that set dressing props like intel or radios don't fall through them during gameplay. This will also allow a Zeus to place objects on them in-game.
    -A baseball bat, solely for use with Whiplash's "wrong house fool" static animation

    Cam Lao Nam
    -Remove superfluous clutter, like furniture, vehicles and garbage to improve performance in urban areas.
    -Better labeling of tunnel locations

    '3rd Party' Content/Prairie Fire Extras
    -First Indochina War with French and Vietminh factions*
    -Republic of Korea*
    -Queen's Cobras*
    -Chinese Forces*
    -Cuban M-26-7 Guerillas/Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias*
    -Spetsnaz in Indochina as a 'what-if?' mini-faction.*
    -Package the lite survival elements, melee framework, gestures, and (configurable) ambient voices as a standalone mod for use outside of SOG:PF

    * These could likely functions (mostly) re-textures, but are highly dependent on implementing additional vehicles/weapons in the base game to flesh them out properly

    Cool but Unlikely
    -Oxen-drawn wagons
    -Female civilians/VC
    -Vietnamese voice implementation for standard callouts (PAVN/VC are currently silent when spotting enemies)
    -Sound functionality for 'gestures' such as signal whistles
    -Vietnam-era equivalents to the USS Liberty and USS Freedom for offshore naval batteries and carrier ops
    -Retexture Templates as .psd files, with labeled parts and separate dirt layers. The GlobMob retexture templates were much appreciated, but their simplistic nature required a lot of trial and error to get lighting and shading to translate properly in game. Having .psd templates would greatly speed up the retexture process, and make texture modding a lot more accessible.
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    Posted by: Nihbor

    As a US Marine I would LOVE to see some USMC assets.
    Also I love love for a M1A1 Thompson with adjustable sights.

    All the best,
    S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Community
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    Level 6
    I'll keep my wishlist short, and list it in order of importance.

    1. Skyraider
    2. PBR
    3. Stoner63 Commando belt-fed variant (preferably with the 100 round box mag)
    4. M113 APC
    5. US Embassy building in Saigon
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    Hello, I think many would love if the mod had ACE3 compatibility.
    A nice addition would be the China Lake GL.
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    Level 9
    a. Properly functioning logistic mechanisms for coop campaigns, no war is possible without it (transport of supplies and personnel around bases, cargo crane, ViV tech adjusted to support crane operations, etc.)
    b. Either early version of C130 Hercules + LAPES drop or C123A/K Provider
    c. Small STOL plane like PC-6 Porter or U-6 Beaver plus a few bush airstrips (Lima sites?) for Air America stuff (AA skins for UH1s and CH34 too)
    d. O-1 Birddog armed with smoke rockets - no CAS was provided without flying FAC in the area
    e. Skyriders and Scooters- so popular during the war, the must!
    f. Essex class static aircraft carrier (SCB27C/SCB125) with arresting gear and CATs + towing tractor + simple static fleet "ships" for immersion
    g. Having A-6 Intruder and A-7 Corsair would be nice if mixed with a properly functioning DIANE bombing system or at least sort of CCIP for both planes.
    h. CSAR things - HH3H or HH53C with rescue hoist and pilot personal beacon radio (bearing-able)
    i. NV deadly AAA defense! What happened to flak?
    j. Functions that count payload of a vehicle and adjust its mass accordingly (weight of weapons, personnel, fuel, cargo, etc.)
    k. Effects of wings/body vapors on an airplane, rotor downwash on water, raining on vehicle's windshield

    Obviously, as someone already mentioned, it all depends on what direction you would like to enhance the DLC to.
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    So currently in a vietnam unit as there zues and aviation lead. other than the typical response of more aircraft below is probably going to be a repeat of what's said above but is functional to our unit at hand since we co locate ourselves as 9th Infantry Division.

    • 9th Infantry Division for the Mekong Delta (gunboats, river monitors, patrol boats, etc.)
    • Armoured vehicles and sling loadable artillery
    • more aircraft on both sides.
    • skins for the current aircraft to reflect aviation units that were in vietnam